Nadav Ami

Adding Limit Switches to 3018 CNC Machine

Here’s how I added some limit/homing switches to my 3018 CNC machine.

Parts Needed

The (Short) Guide

I think that @Bracketracer’s guide on Thingiverse is very detailed and easy to follow. Instead of repeating it, I’ve decided to only include the parts I did differently and add a few extra pictures for detail. I should also note that I forgot to print out the mirrored versions of the mounts and decided to make due with my mistake.

Z Home

I decided to mount roller-style switch for Z home on the C-shaped part of the z-axis instead of going directly on the tool clamp as shown in the guide. This way, I don’t have to bend the lever arm or drill any holes into the tool clamp. The switch was first mounted in the printed part, then the assembly was super glued.

Home switch mounted at the top of the z-axis

Mess of wires showing the limit switches mounted and connections to the controller

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