Nadav Ami


Who am I?

I’m a semi-nomaic geek living around Vancouver, BC. I’m passionate about clean software, hardware and cyber security, but I love to geek out about anything that gets vaguely technical.

I’m currently CTO & Co-founder of Redeo API. Previously, I was working at Crewdle (an eco-friendly video conferencing platform) as a senior software developer and as a senior architect/dev(ops) on Bell Canada’s IoT platform before that.

In my free time, I’m either chipping away at a silly side project (that you might read about here), or out in the woods hiking and camping.

What is this place?

Welcome to my little piece of the internet. This site is my blog/portfolio/scratchpad a work in progress. I like to write about

  • Things I’ve learned
  • Silly side projects (usually, but not always hardware based)
  • Random thoughts on software development

but anything goes! Maybe I’ll post a recipe one of these days :man_shrugging:

Saying hi!

If you want to say hi, you can reach me at or on LinkedIn. I’m always happy to hear thoughts about the things I’ve written (or the mistakes I’ve made). N’hésitez pas non plus à dire bonjour en français!