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Apr 02 2023
Exploring and Modifying Electron Apps on macOS
Oct 05 2021
Purge Common Public DNS Caches
Mar 20 2021
Mounting HFS+ Drives on Ubuntu
Mar 11 2021
What (Not) to Do When You're Missing a Keyboard
Mar 06 2021
Attempting to Spoof an iPod with an OrangePi Zero
Feb 26 2021
Inspecting an iPhone’s HTTPS Traffic
Feb 14 2021
Getting Back Into Blogging
Feb 11 2021
Hyundai iPod Cable Reverse Engineering
Feb 01 2021
My First Open Source Project - 11.5 Years Later
Jan 29 2021
Hacking My Car Stereo (Part 1)
Dec 13 2019
Writing Resources
Feb 20 2019
Learning by Failing (IoT Camera Hacking) - Lightning Talk
Jan 31 2019
3018 CNC Machine Spindle & Laser Mount
Jan 21 2019
Adding Limit Switches to 3018 CNC Machine
Jan 18 2019
List of 3018 CNC Upgrades
Sep 06 2018
Maintaining a Healthy CI/CD Pipeline